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Clandestine offers post-Cold War asymmetrical co-op stealth

Turtle Rock officially announces Evolve

If your memory for games is longer than that of your average dormouse, you’ll probably remember that Turtle Rock’s Evolve was revealed this time last week. Well, guess what: now it’s been officially announced. It’s…

Posted by: Tim McDonald

XCOM: Enemy Within Review

XCOM: Enemy Within is, in a lot of ways, the quintessential expansion pack. It’s not a pseudo-sequel. It doesn’t add on huge amounts of stuff after the end, or offer an entirely new campaign, or…

Posted by: Tim McDonald

XCOM: Enemy Within can be pre-ordered on Steam

If you’re feeling suitably confident that the XCOM: Enemy Within expansion will provide you with as much enjoyment as XCOM: Enemy Unknown did, then you may wish to risk pre-purchasing it on Steam in order…

Posted by: Peter Parrish