Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Review

Prince Arslan is on a mission to retake the capital of Pars, and only the early conclusion of the anime source material can stop him.

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend PC Version Impressions

Can the young crown prince Tecmo delight his PC subjects by fashioning a decent Warriors port? Peter investigates.

Godus Wars Early Access Preview

22Cans are still persisting with Godus, but it may be a game beyond redemption.

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the division beta (6)

The Division Beta Preview

Peter patrols the streets of an infected Manhattan, looking to complete his scrap-book collection of waist-high barriers and tactical jackets.

EVE: Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie Preview

Paul pulls his DK2 back on for a spot of dogfighting in CCP’s EVE: Valkyrie. Will this be the Rift’s “must-have” game?