Next Magicka map put to public vote

Arrowhead is leaving the choice of the next Magicka challenge map up to you, the lovely general public.
Both ‘Caverns’ and ‘Marshlands’ will ultimately see release, but the winning map will be released for free. The vote is being held on the Magicka facebook page, and at present Caverns are well ahead. You can change that by heading here and making your opinion known.
To aid you in your decision, Arrowhead has released a video showing both levels in action (below.) If you’re interested in all things Magicka, have a read of the IncGamers ‘Communal Evening With’ the recently released Vietnam DLC.
Voting closes tomorrow, so hurry along. The losing map will cost $2.00 USD, and they’ll both be released on 26 April.

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