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Patrician IV Expansion Announced

Kalypso has announced an add-on for Hanseatic trading simulator Patrician IV, entitled ‘Rise of a Dynasty,’ which will add fresh scenarios and co-op.

This expansion is due on 31 March in the US and 1 April in the UK. Probably the most ambitious move is the plan to add co-operative multiplayer to the game. Up to four players will be able to play together over LAN or internet, trading in the same Hanseatic group and fighting sea battles as a team.

In addition, eight new cities will be added to the game as trade destinations. Land-based caravans will also be introduced, enabling trade to go by land as well as sea. New assignments are promised, as are a few graphical enhancements like building interiors.

You can read the IncGamers review of the original Patrician IV, here. A few new features could be just what the game needs, especially as Kalypso claims many are “based on suggestions of the fan community.”


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