Brink by numbers

45 ways to die and over 100 quadrillion unique character designs.
In one of the most ridiculous press releases we’ve ever seen, Bethesda can “confirm” a bunch of “very interesting” statistics for their upcoming, team-based shooter Brink.
“Very interesting” stats include:

45 ways to die
26,000 lines of dialogue
4,500 unique weapon sounds
4,963 weapon attachment combinations
47,325,358,080,000,000 unique Security character types (including minor tint variations and body types)
54,922,323,456,000,000 unique Resistance character types (including minor tint variations and body types)
102,247,681,536,000,000 total unique character types

No prizes are on offer for the first person to create every unique character in the game.
Brink is due on all platforms Friday 13 May.

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