Tropico 4 Will Seize Power In August

With Muammar Gaddafi looming large in western media once again, the Tropico series (in which you play a ego-driven, corrupt dictator) has a renewed, if twisted, kind of relevance.
Kalypso has today revealed that Tropico 4 is due this August, for both PC and Xbox 360. The trailer released alongside this announcement just about manages to avoid falling into the usual teaser traps, offering at least a couple of glimpses of new buildings that will be present in the game; through the lens of an unfortunate photo-journalist.
Tropico 4 should also add more political superpowers (including China) to juggle relations with, plus an increase in the number of natural disasters that can affect your island paradise. Hopefully it’ll maintain the fine line between humour and horror that stemmed from playing a comedic (but ultimately repressive) dictator of a cartoon nation.
Additionally, I’m sure everybody who owns a PC will be thrilled to hear that “Facebook and Twitter integration” will be a PC-only feature.

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