Mirror’s Edge 2 Project ‘Has Stopped’

Sad news for those who enjoyed Mirror’s Edge; Swedish site Press2Play has interviewed DICE’s Patrick Soderlund who reveals that work on a sequel has ‘stopped.’
Now, obviously there are translation issues to consider here as Press2Play is presented in glorious Swede-o-vision, but RockPaperShotgun has multiple translations from actual Swedish persons in the comments below its article (and one in the piece itself.)
Thanks to the help of these Scandinavian nationals, it’s pretty certain that Press2Play was told the following:
“Patrick notes that Mirror’s Edge didn’t sell according to expectations and that this has prevented the sequel – which actually has been under development. EA was shown a prototype but distrustfully declined. The project has stopped – involved parties at Dice are today working on other things. Patrick himself seems to hold Mirror’s Edge close to heart but Dice unfortunately doesn’t do charity work.”

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