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PC Invasion Podcast #46

This week: Dishonored 2 date, Dawn of War 3, CoD in Space, HTC Vive impressions, Overwatch, Paragon, and Hitman 6: Episode 2.

Hitman Review – Episode 2: Sapienza

Peter and Tim take a trip to sunny Sapienza in the second episode of Hitman.

Paul’s Paragon Progress – Winners Don’t Do Surrenders

Paragon players need to stop throwing in the towel and start fighting.

Win a Crossout Beta key

Fancy some mad-max style vehicle combat? You can take part in Gaijin’s beta test.

polaris sector (9)

Polaris Sector Review

Peter uses a complicated array of wire toys and treats to plan some 4X invasions with a race of humanoid cat-creatures.

PC Invasion podcast

PC Invasion Podcast #45

This week: Vanilla WoW latest, John Rom-hair-o, live Paragon tactical training, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Polaris Sector, and 8-Bit Armies.

Zombasite - blade

Zombasite Early Access Preview

If a Zombasite is a cross between a zombie and a parasite, then Tim and an ARPG should give us… oh, it’s words. Lots of words.

PC Invasion podcast

PC Invasion Podcast #44

This week: The power of petitions, Industrial Revolution working conditions, Star Citizen, Battlezone 98 Redux, The Banner Saga 2, and Battleborn.