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PC Invasion Podcast #56

This week: Pach-Man in racism shocker, Digital Homicide get (more) litigious, Batman is Batman, Divinity: OS 2, Paladins, and NBA 2K17.


NBA 2K17 – PC Technical Review

Is the PC version of NBA 2K17 a slam dunk, or more likely to fall over while tying its laces? Judge Parrish is on court to find out.


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Virginia Review

Tim tries to work out both what Virginia means and how the hell you score it in our review of this decidedly odd piece of interactive story-telling.


Battlerite Early Access Preview

Paul takes a look at Stunlock Studio’s (Bloodline Champions) Battlerite MOBA, ahead of its release into Early Access.

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PC Invasion Podcast #55

This week: Steam reviews, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, Alex Hunter’s own goal bonanza, Street Fighter V, Dead Rising, and Lucius Demake.


FIFA 17 Demo Impressions

Peter does his best to break The Journey (and looks at some new additions) in the annual pre-release FIFA 17 demo.


Dead Rising – PC Technical Review

Tim (he’s covered digital wars, you know) takes a look at Dead Rising’s PC port, released 10 years after the game first infected consoles.