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Quantum Break – PC Steam Version Technical Review

We didn’t look at Quantum Break’s initial Windows Store release, but now that it’s on Steam, Tim’s broken a few quantums to bring you his thoughts.


FIFA 17 – PC Technical Review

Peter goes hands-on with FIFA 17’s Frostbitten balls; testing, probing, and (inevitably) doing the annual dance to force the menus into 60fps.


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    • Tim McDonald: I don't remember exactly how relationships with them worked in 5, but the city-states aren't a huge issue in 6.…
    • lazerbeak: thats a good idea waiting for the expansions/updates I might do the same
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Civilization VI Preview

Tim attempts to lead the Germans, the Japanese, and the Greeks to victory in Civilization VI – with predictably disastrous results.


Lichtspeer Review

Head into the ancient Germanic future in Lichtspeer, a game as brilliant as it is silly, and as silly as it is hard.


Rogue Wizards Review

Rogue Wizards is a roguelike about wizards. With a description like that, it’s time for Tim to put on his robe and wizard hat.


PC Invasion Podcast #56

This week: Pach-Man in racism shocker, Digital Homicide get (more) litigious, Batman is Batman, Divinity: OS 2, Paladins, and NBA 2K17.


Virginia Review

Tim tries to work out both what Virginia means and how the hell you score it in our review of this decidedly odd piece of interactive story-telling.

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