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Midvinter Pseudo-Review

Tim snuggles up under the covers with Midvinter’s fairy tale world, and gets very confused about how reviews work.

Battlefield 1 trailer, beta sign-ups, and revealed details

The WW1 setting leaked by a Swedish storefront several weeks ago turns out to be 100% correct.

Paragon Guide to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle! A look at Paragons’ jungle and how to play it.

Kathy Rain Review

Tim sets out to solve a supernatural mystery in a small town with the sassy, motorbike-riding, journalism student Kathy Rain.

Your Opinion

Do you prefer the setting for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare or Battlefield 1?

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PC Invasion Plays Stellaris

Peter takes his rightful place as overlord of a race of horny, violent mollusc-people in this pre-release look at Stellaris.

Overwatch pose pulled for flaunting sexuality after fan complains

Overwatch Beta Preview

Tim’s gone into Overwatch, but rather than shooting you on your turn, this means you’re getting a preview of Blizzard’s nippy team-based FPS.


Dreadnought Beta Preview

Paul lumbers towards a preview in a hulking Dreadnought, courtesy of Yager’s forthcoming space-based tactical combat game.

PC Invasion podcast

PC Invasion Podcast #46

This week: Dishonored 2 date, Dawn of War 3, CoD in Space, HTC Vive impressions, Overwatch, Paragon, and Hitman 6: Episode 2.

polaris sector (9)

Polaris Sector Review

Peter uses a complicated array of wire toys and treats to plan some 4X invasions with a race of humanoid cat-creatures.

PC Invasion podcast

PC Invasion Podcast #45

This week: Vanilla WoW latest, John Rom-hair-o, live Paragon tactical training, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Polaris Sector, and 8-Bit Armies.