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Paragon new hero Riktor revealed – A chain-wielding hulk

Excitement builds once again for another new Paragon hero and joining the roster at the end the month is the chain-wielding cyborg Riktor.

VR Vive Report Part 2 – Are games great in VR?

Paul checks out a stack of VR qames as he continues to find out if VR is the future of gaming.

best pc games 2016

The Best PC Games of 2016

What you need to be playing on your PC in 2016. These are the very best titles currently available and should not be missed.

Doom - blade2

Doom Review

IDDQD. IDKFA. Tim’s reviewing Doom, so all hell is about to break loose.

this is the police blade

This Is the Police Preview

This is the police. Put your hands in the air and your wallets on the floor. We, uh, just need to keep an eye on them.

stellaris (2)

Stellaris Review

Peter primes the colony ships, ready to explore how well Paradox’s grand strategy mechanics adopt to the grandest, intergalactic stage.