PES 2014’s PC release date still “to be confirmed”

PES2014 - 4

PC users want to be holding PES 2014 aloft like this cup from day one. But can they?

Konami has announced that the 360 and PS3 versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will be coming out on 24 September in North and South America. Hurrah. But wait a second, isn’t there a platform missing from that list?

We know the game is coming to the PC, so will it be getting the same release date or are Konami trying to usurp Ubisoft as the prime delayers of PC titles?

I asked Konami about this, but they helpfully ignored me. So we must instead turn to the European community manager for PES 2014 Adam Bhatti for some guidance. According to him, the release date for PC is still “to be confirmed” but “hopefully PC day 1 with Steam.”

That’s not exactly a concrete reassurance, but it’s the best we have so far.

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