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Mobile forces: Battlefield 4’s Battlelog really loves smartphones

Battlefield 4 the saddest bus stop

An obvious fake: nobody rich enough to own a tablet would ever take a bus.

In EA and DICE’s world, everybody wants to be looking at Battlefield 4 at all times. Taking a dump? You still need to be able to check your combat stats. Giving evidence at a high profile murder trial? Hey, you still might want to look for a good server so you can play when you get home. As a result, the new version of Battlelog will be trying to keep you hooked by integrating with smartphones and tablets.

The examples given in the video (below) are stuff like “Hey, have some time to spare after you’ve just been killed in the game? Why not grab your smartphone and change your loadout?” Those are good questions, Battlefield 4, but my question is: why would I not be able to change my loadout in-game during that period? Isn’t that a bit of an aggravating design flaw?

So yes, the smartablephone integration looks like a bit of a gimmick. However, since you can now use a tablet as a separate map, it does raise the intriguing prospect of using one of the monitors in a dual set-up as a permanent map screen.

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    Lol “An obvious fake: nobody rich enough to own a tablet would ever take a bus.” I used to ride the poorer bus with no wifi which sucks even more than having a tablet as I can’t use most of it’s features.

  • goobz

    “An obvious fake: nobody rich enough to own a tablet would ever take a bus”

    Not really obvious at all. You can get android tablets for under $100. Obviously not great specs and no name brands, but there are many options in the low end range. Second, in places like NYC many people don’t own cars even those who can afford expensive tablets. Also if you watch the video these guys sound European. They actually mention Sweden. In Europe gas is easily $8-10 gallon in many parts of Europe and a lot of people use public transportation.