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April 4, 2014

Star Conflict adds Oculus Rift support

To celebrate two years of service, Star Conflict  is receiving more updates including Oculus Rift support immersing players in their cockpits for the first time. There are also massive discounts being applied to in-game purchases…

By: Paul Younger

September 24, 2013

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Preview

Kalypso and bitComposer are back with another game in the Air Conflicts series with Air Conflicts: Vietnam, and like its predecessors, it’s bringing more arcade flight action to the PC. Thrust into the Vietnam conflict,…

By: Paul Younger

September 13, 2011

No Picture

Madden NFL 12 Review

I’ll always have an intimate relationship with the Madden series. Prior to playing the series for the first time back in the early days of the PlayStation 2-era I had almost no knowledge of American…

By: Paul Younger