Age of Wonders 3

Age of Wonders 3 beta patch v1.08 released

Triumph Studios has released an opt-in beta version of the first official post-release patch for Age of Wonders 3. V1.08 of the game can be accessed by right-clicking Age of Wonders 3 in Steam, selecting…

Posted by: Peter Parrish

Triumph show off the Age of Wonders 3 level editor

Triumph show off the Age of Wonders 3 level editor

Triumph Studios have released a “Let’s Edit” video showing off how super-simple the Age of Wonders 3 level editor actually is. The level editor is apparently accessible in the launcher right now, and is basically…

Posted by: Tim McDonald

Age of Wonders 3 Review

For a long time I’ve been fondly playing Age of Wonders II Shadow Magic, so during my games with Age of Wonders 3 I couldn’t help comparing it to it’s previous title through a microscope…

Posted by: David Reid

Age of Wonders 3 Preview

Update: Triumph Studios have mentioned that they’re looking for an alternate system for the Play by Email mode, so this won’t be supported at launch. Playing over LAN’s aren’ supported but still possible like the…

Posted by: David Reid