AMD Mantle 45% faster than DirectX says AMD slides

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The AMD Mantle API is just one of the buzzwords that’s exciting gamers at the moment and in a closed demo for the AMD Kaveri APU a couple of images were snapped which highlight the performance increase with Mantle.

AMD Mantle

AMD Mantle

You may remember the Oxide Games demonstration of AMD Mantle from last month, this is where the second slide’s numbers are pulled from to show how Mantle can increase performance over DirectX on AMD’s new Kaveri APUs.

If the numbers that are being touted by AMD are as impressive as they look then the next AMD video cards could be the ones to watch. EA and DICE are already committed to AMD’s Mantle for the Frostbite 3 Engine  although a patch for Battlefield 4 is now late due to the fact that DICE are still trying to fix the game.

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  • MorningLM

    They don’t mention which version of DirectX they are using. One of the many differences introduced by DirectX 10 was that much more responsibility was placed upon the developer to provide valid data. Earlier versions were more like “debug” versions. They would validate commands provided by the developers thoroughly, incurring a noticeable performance penalty. This is why comparisons between the likes of Left 4 Dead 2 on Linux and Windows are meaningless. The Source engine on Windows still only supports DirectX9.0C at most. I’d imagine that, if it happens, a new Source engine will only use OpenGL.

    • flashmozzg

      bf4 supports only dx11/10.


    I’ve recently moved from GeForce to Radeon. All my games look different, some have more detail on the same settings using the same DirectX version. AMD is definitely doing something right.

  • I don’t understand title

    Oh, I get it. Engrish. Clear now.

    Journalism sucks in 2013, people can’t even use a spell check before publishing on a website.