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ArenaNet discusses this weekend’s Guild Wars 2 beta test [Video]

It’s almost time for another Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend to get underway today  and ArenaNet pushed out a video update for players who are heading into Tyria once again. Marketing Coordinator David Campbell and  Lead Producer Chris Whiteside fill everyone in on what to expect in this latest test including new zones,  WvW changes, the doubling of game servers.

In related news, ArenaNet’s Mike Ferguson goes through the WvW updates that are coming in this test so if you are taking part these are notes are worth a read.

You can of course follow all the latest Guild Wars 2 updates and community discussion over at Guild Wars: IncGamers.

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  • Dark_Hollow

    It was lovely! Great game! I hate MMO’s, honestly. The only ever MMO I have ever managed to play was Guild Wars, because most MMO’s seem to have the same thing going for them; Kill 5 cows and 9 pigs and bring back 10 flowers. Which, honestly makes me throw up… Guild Wars was so story driven, and the game is so beautiful, even 7 years later it’s still amazingly beautiful! And now, I have completely falled in love with Guild Wars 2! I can’t wait! It’s gonna be so fun! 🙂