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Barbie Dreamhouse Party is out on PC too, just so you know

Barbie Dreamhouse Party is out on PC too, just so you know
Barbie Dreamhouse Party

“Hooray, keyboard prompts!”

Namco Bandai are getting pretty lax about keeping track of the PC games they distribute. Barbie Dreamhouse Party (hey, don’t judge) came out this week, but according to Namco it’s a Wii, Wii U, DS and 3DS game. So what’s it doing on Steam then, hmm?

I mean, okay, I don’t feel like people are missing out on Barbie Dreamhouse Party, but the same thing happened with the new Adventure Time game. All reference to a PC release disappeared, leading me to believe that it had been cancelled for us (in fact it hadn’t, and came out recently – the bad news is, it sounds pretty rubbish.)

So yes, just so you know, you can get the Barbie game on PC. That’s not a suggestion, because it looks as insulting to young women as it does to humanity in general and uses the word “pinkspiration” without any sense of irony, but, you know, maybe the trailer is misleading or something? Maybe it’s as good as Dark Souls.

Judge for yourselves, with this rousing audio-visual presentation.

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  • Rushster


  • sara

    maybe you are right i thought i saw in information windows 7 or vista
    but if it’s real i’ll be really i cryed alot today cause i give up on downloading it and i can’t get real wii so easily like that i hope that there is a pc copy