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Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer beta not coming to PC?

Batman Arkham Origins - E3 2013 - 2

In this political cartoon, Batman represents Splash Damage and the chap about to get punched in the face is the PC userbase.

Rejoice! There’s going to be an open beta for Batman: Arkham Origins this week, according to Splash Damage’s Twitter feed, and…

…oh, no, wait. There’s a conspicuous lack of “PC” in that Tweet. The full thing reads:

“RT @sdgaffney: This week @splashdamage: 360/PS3 Open Beta launch for Arkham MP + big updates to RAD Soldiers and Dirty Bomb. Pretty awesome.” (@sdgaffney being Steve Gaffney, director at Splash Damage).

So good news for all non-PC users, there, while our glorious system remains ignored. Is a PC beta coming, perhaps a bit later, or are we that loathed? We’ve asked Splash Damage, and we’ll update you if we learn anything.


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  1. DavidTheSlayer | August 9, 2013 at 1:21 pm |

    Is this a joke from the Joker? The Bane of PC Gamers to come? Excuse the puns :). Hopefully us PC fans will get decent justice :D.

  2. It’s a Batman multiplayer beta. My guess is you’re not missing much…

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