Battlefield 3 is free on EA’s Origin until 3 June

battlefield 3

Huh, is that a free PC game over there?

EA possibly feels bad about the continuing troubles of Battlefield 4, so they’re letting PC users have Battlefield 3 for free. It’s the latest game in the “On the House” promo scheme that EA has been running for the past few months. The previous titles given away for free were Dead Space and the original Plants vs Zombies.

Battlefield 3 is available for no money whatsoever until 3 June. At that point it won’t be free any more. That doesn’t mean it’ll disappear from your account or anything, though. If you make sure to get it before 3 June it’ll be yours forever (or until EA shuts down all the servers, or the internet explodes, or something.)

There isn’t really a catch to any of this (unless you consider needing an Origin account to be a catch,) so, er, hey, go get your copy of Battlefield 3. It’s just the Standard Edition so there’s no DLC, but it’s also completely free. Not a whole lot to complain about there.

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  • Great news 😀

  • sk3tz

    It’s nice to get something back for a change, well done and ty!

  • ilbiscione

    Is multiplayer included? Thanx!

    • Peter Parrish

      Everything multiplayer that isn’t DLC related should be there, yeah.

  • ficus

    Downloading stops in every two minutes at me. 🙁

  • Peter Parrish

    I think Origin is getting a bit battered by people downloading this and looking out for the FUT World Cup thing.

  • Deadjuice

    I just downloaded this today. I didn’t even know it was for free until June 3rd, or at all. My friend had let me know earlier today about it, I rushed and downloaded Origin, got the free version, and… then I needed a product code. I checked my email, wasn’t there. I checked the internet, people said there was a problem because of the high demand, and stuff wasn’t getting out in time, and to give it an hour or so for the code to be emailed (this was from a question forum dating today).
    So while I’m waiting, I go into my Origin game library, and I see a Product Code with a verification code without the dashes. Thought that was it, try it, try it again with dashes in appropriate places, not working.
    So I go back on the store several times, and the last time I was on there, I noticed the game isn’t free anymore, and has its price tag back.
    What in the heck is going on?