Battlefield 4 Second Assault coming to PC on 18 February

battlefield 4 second assault

It’s what everyone is driving on Arrakis.

It’s starting to look awfully like that news about DICE halting all production on DLC until they’d fully fixed Battlefield 4 was just designed to make people feel better, rather than actually being true. The game isn’t quite functioning right for everybody yet (despite regular patches,) but the China Rising expansion has come and gone, Second Assault is coming to all platforms soon and the third DLC, Naval Strike, is still due sometime in March.

So forget about Battlefield 4 being fully stable for now, I guess. Buy some DLC instead! Second Assault will be available for premium members on PC from 18 February, and as a stand-alone for everyone else from 4 March. It hasn’t been priced as a stand-alone, but I’d hazard a guess at $10.00 – $15.00 USD.

Second Assault adds four rejigged maps from Battlefield 3 (Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, Operation Metro,) the return of the dune buggy, five weapons re-designed for Battlefield 4 and a capture the flag game mode.

Naval Strike will add four maps from the South China Sea, another five weapons, a hovercraft and a new game mode called Carrier Assault which is said to be an homage to BF2142’s Titan mode. You can read more about all that, here.

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