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The action packed dog punching Battlefield 4 single player story trailer

battlefield 4

EA and DICE are not to be outdone on the trailer front this week as we head toward the Battlefield 4 launch. This evening it’s the single player story trailer which I have to say is rather good.

Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4? Hmm, tough one. So far Battlefield 4 is looking more appealing even when dogs are being punched ion the face. Now watch the video and see what you think.

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  • Elly

    Gard bluss merca.

    This is one I’ll be getting.

  • fsj

    BF4 for sure. Havn’t bought a CoD since black ops and doubt I will ever buy another. BF3 wasn’t the most innovative thing going but the improvement from 3 to 4 from what I experienced in testing is massive. Tons of tiny details that just make life easier/more fun. If the other maps compete with seige of shanghai in terms of design then this could rival BF2 for awesomeness.

    Also battlelog for BF4 is 1000000 times better, thank god. That was the worst thing about BF3.

    Want to play the new game modes!