Battlefield: Hardline beta ending shortly – Verdict?

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battlefield: hardline

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Battlefield: Hardline beta kicked off but it’s coming to an end.

When the beat was announced at E3 it came as a surprise to many, it came out of the blue. Two weeks of gamers playing as cops and robbers must come to an end and that date is the 26 June at 12:00PM PT.

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This looks like the final beta test unless there’s another closer to release on 23 October which might not be a bad idea considering what happened with Battlefield 4.

Having played around with the Hardline beta this week it hasn’t exactly tickled my FPS fancy, it feels like more of the same. It’s Battlefield so I probably shouldn’t expect anything more at this stage.

Although it’s less likely that Hardline will suffer from the same performance and release issues as Battlefield 4, my advice is not to board the hype train and start pre-ordering. Hold on and see what happens at launch, wait for our review, find out if your friends like it should they have purchased it, then decide.

If you played the beta, what did you think? Was it fantastic? Was it a re-skinned Battlefield 4? Did you even bother with it? Let us know in the comments or poll.

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  • Funnily enough, I actually enjoy the Hardline Beta. Just like I enjoyed the BF3 Beta and full release of course. Never bothered to buy BF4 as it’s basically a BF3 v2. ?