Battlefield: Hardline beta opens today, first-come first-served

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battlefield hardline

Do you want to play Battlefield: Hardline? Then get over to the Battlefield website NOW NOW NOW NOW.

After showing off a few minutes of a game that looked suspiciously like Battlefield 4 – but with robbers trying to crack open a vault and then run away with the loot – EA announced that the Battlefield: Hardline‘s beta would be opening today. And that it’s first-come first-served. And that if you want to sign up, you should go over to the Battlefield website NOW NOW NOW NOW.

Predictably, this has completely fucked EA’s servers; trying to log into Origin is currently resulting in “whoops, we’re having technical difficulties” messages. I’m guessing EA were going for the Guinness World Record for “fastest time from livestream to server meltdown”, and they’re certainly in the running with this one.

If you want to try your luck, head over to the Battlefield website NOW NOW NOW NOW. Or whenever it’ll let you log in.

Update: It looks like owners of Twitch channels are being sent keys automatically because we just received one.

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