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Bawls before swine: Amnesia A Machine For Pigs to make September spooky

Amnesia A Machine for Pigs

Nope. Don’t think I want to be heading down there.

GOG announces that Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, the “spiritual follow-up” to Amnesia: The Dark Descent will be leaping out on 10 September to scare the pants off most who play it. The same site has a concurrent pre-order offer where you can save $4.00 USD on the $20.00 USD asking price.

Expect much the same first-person set up as in the first Amnesia, plus plenty of oppressive and disturbing ambiance. This one is being made by Dear Esther devs The Chinese Room, with Frictional Games (makers of the first Amnesia) on publishing duties. Level design will feature larger outdoor areas than those found in The Dark Descent.

You play as wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus, who’s just come back from a rubbish trip to Mexico where you picked up a debilitating fever. Strange visions of a terrible machine clouds your dreams, and upon awaking you find that months have passed. It is now New Years Eve in London, 1899.

This trailer was from last Halloween, but appears to be the most recent one around.

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  • Kiroptus

    Amnesia was the most scary horror game I have ever played (I would still rate Silent Hill 2 as the best one), that catacomb level… shudder…

    Still… I have a weird vibe from AMachineforPigs, I have a feeling that something went wrong on this development and thats why there were so many delays, something that Frictional didnt like and demanded some fixes to it. I dont know why I am pessimistic but I just feel like this for this sequel, I hope I am wrong.

    • Tim McDonald

      oh god dammit i’m going to have to review this aren’t i

      What I played of Amnesia was rather terrifying. Never played any of the Silent Hill games (barring a little of the Wii one), but the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series tends to rank up there for me in terms of sheer I’m-not-playing-this-after-dark fear. System Shock 2 also tended to make me feel very, very uncomfortable about… well, just about everything.

      • Kiroptus

        Amnesia is amazing! Tho most people gave up before even finding the first monster that can actually kill you because people find it boring, but its worth it, its an amazing game experience, I finished it in my apartment, alone, with headphones and in the dark, just like how it is supposed to be played. I have no idea I had the courage to go through the catacombs, and that wine cellar, omg!

        The new Silent Hills are terrible, the second one is still my fav game of all time, its terrifying, eerie, and incredibly tragic, human and probably one of the most depressing game/stories I have ever seen but its all wrapped up in the perfect definition of psycological terror, so much I have stumbled into many essays in the internet about freudian teories and possibilities about that the game’s interpretation. And has an amazing soundtrack as well.
        It feels more like an adventure game than a survival horror tho, the enemies are mostly pushovers, its more about the puzzles/story/atmosphere, which already works wonderfully.

        And yeah Fatal frame was great as well, tho I got annoyed when I missed taking a snapshot of a ghost that just went by in a tiny fraction of a second, but if I could have taken the photo I would have received a huge XP bonus, and usually those are one-chance only so I kept a walkthrough about the locations of those quick apparitions, I guess I got an OCD about those.

        But yeah, you will have to finish Amnesia, its one of the perks of being a game reviewer 😛