BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea airlock bug and how to bypass it

Looking around online, it seems I was not the only person to run into a bug with an airlock loading zone in the first chapter of BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC. The area I’m referring to is one you go through just before hitting the second floor of Fontaine’s Department Store. It’s one of the places where the game disguises a loading zone, but the problem is it seems to get stuck whenever you try to backtrack through that door (going through the first time always seems okay.)

Here’s the bit in question:

bioshock infinite burial at sea (3)

If you’re backtracking through here, beware.

So, if you want to backtrack to this area later (possibly because you have enough lockpicks to get into a safe or beyond a door now,) how can you do it and still avoid the airlock? Simple, hop a ride on the lift that you (hopefully) reactivated with Shock Jockey in the second floor area.

All you need to do is jump on the trash can to get back inside the lift. As far as I can tell, this method always works and doesn’t trap you like the airlock route.

Here’s a picture of the lift and the trash can.

bioshock infinite burial at sea (4)

Ask Elizabeth if she’d mind moving, then jump on the trash can and into the lift.

If you do get stuck in the airlock bit, the only recourse at present seems to be to reload. This bug is present in the PC version, but I don’t know if it’s there on consoles too. You can read my full review of Burial at Sea (part one,) here.

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  • Bas

    considering how much money is made by DLC

    i expect them to fix this ASAP !!!!

    quiet dissapointing

    and it isnt like they didnt have time to test it before release

  • Satori

    The exact same bug does manifest on the Xbox 360 version. Thanks for the tip.

  • Row

    It’s in the PS3 version too.

  • gtce bloodbath

    its the same later mission close the airpipelines to get the girl the last door is closed and make the way not open!

  • CaffeineCowgirl

    Same on Steam (Mac version), it just keep loading and loading. Thanks for the easy solution!