Bioshock Infinite DLC announcement teased for Tuesday

BioShock Infinite

Update:  The DLC has been announced

Where is the Bioshock Infinite DLC? It’s a question that’s been in everyone’s lips for a few months now, but it sounds like we’ll know on Tuesday morning.

In a Tweet-fest from Ken Levine throughout this evening he’s been teasing away with…

Check the internets tuesday at around 8AM est to see what I’m up to tomw. Hopefully, it won’t involve a perp walk.

july is ending ken.. where’s the DLC info? – Read my tweets today, dude/dudette! all that tweet sweat for nothing!

Excited for tomorrow.

If you were in any doubt about its arrival, the latest patch notes also include the line “added features necessary to support upcoming DLC”.

I have a feeling there’s going to be some rather excited Bioshock fans tomorrow, but what will the DLC actually include? Start speculating now.

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  • Peter Parrish

    Hopefully this isn’t just a tease for the Logan’s Run film thing he’s working on. The end of July fits with the previous announcement about DLC, so let’s see.

    • Tim McDonald

      Come on, we know how these announcements work. It’s clearly going to be for BioShock Infinite on iOS and Android.

      • Peter Parrish


        Luckily, I think it’s DLC. The game downloaded a patch today which has “Added features necessary to support upcoming DLC.” as pretty much the only note, so … yeah.