Bioshock: Infinite pre-orders now on Steam with free games to unlock


The time has come for Steam users who fancy a bit of Irrational’s Bioshock: Infinite to get their pre-orders in and there’s some pretty cool freebies up for grabs.

If enough people pre-order the game on Steam a free copy of the original Bioshock will be unlocked. Wait! There’s even more!

Unlock more of the magic green bar on the page and a free copy of X-Com: Enemy Unknown will unlock which is a pretty sweet deal we think you’ll agree.

Lastly but by no means least there hats! Yes hats! Team Fortress 2 hats will also be unlocked in phase .



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  • Zalis

    Getting the new XCOM is a pretty good deal, sure. You know what isn’t, though? The fact that a $60 game is marketed right along with a $20 Season Pass. There really ought to be cheaper versions of these games that shove DLC down our throats. I can’t be the only guy who’d pay ~$25-30 at launch for a single-player-only BSI or CoD.

    The only game I could stomach buying a pass for was Borderlands 2, since Gearbox actually has substantive DLC. Even then, I got it on sale for $22, which boils down to ~$5.50/DLC.