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Blizzard being sued over Authenticator requirement to protect information

A class action lawsuit has been filed by a plaintiff called Benjamin Bell against Activision Blizzard claiming that Blizzard are  “deceptively and unfairly” charging their customers by asking them to purchase a Blizzard authenticator to ensure the safety of their accounts on Battle.Net.

When Diablo 3 launched there were daily reports of accounts being hacked and then all of a sudden the complaints mysteriously stopped after a few weeks. Once the reports had settled down, Battle.Net was hacked on 9 August and Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime issued a statement to the Blizzard community following the hack .

Blizzard actively encourage users of to purchase an authenticator as a safeguard against hacking, and anyone who plays on Battle.Net extensively will likely own one.

Bell has filed to the class action as he claims that Blizzard: “negligently, deliberately, and/or recklessly fail to ensure that adequate, reasonable procedures safeguard the private information stored on this website.”

Following the major breach in August, Bell also claims that neither Blizzard or Activision “took the the legally required steps to alert” players of Blizzard games using

Bell is seeking damages and an injunction to prevent Blizzard “tacking on” extra costs following the purchase of a game and requiring customers to sign-up for accounts.

Source: Courthouse News

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  • celleron

    How many people are hacked without one though? Not many I’m guessing. I think Blizzard’s security is pretty tight.

    • psyounger

      It’s still unclear what really happened with the spate of hacks after D3 launch, it was all a bit weird how it suddenly stopped

      • b0re

        Spate of hacks?
        People lie, and people want attention, no possible way of telling how many of those people were just making it up. It probably stopped because everyone stopped paying attention to them.

        PLUS, it’s not really hacking if someone downloads a keylogger because they are stupid, nor is that remotely blizzard’s fault.

        • psyounger

          I agree I think many were bogus but not all.

  • Fb62

    blizzard has a LOT of problems, security is not one

  • I wonder how much the plaintiff is suing for. This is a pathetic lawsuit. As others have said, blizz security is very good. If the plaintiff really was concerned and not suing for money, he would realise that there are at least 2 other ways to authenticate one’s account (phone/sms) for FREE. A keyring authenticator is simply another option which costs next to nothing anyway. I hope the plaintiff gets bankrupted by court costs.

  • “Blizzard actively encourage users of to purchase an authenticator as a safeguard against hacking, and anyone who plays on Battle.Net extensively will likely own one.”

    Not completely true. Blizzard encourage us to authenticate our account. If blizz wanted money they wouldn’t release an iPhone version would they… Even more significantly, anybody who doesn’t own an iPhone is likely to own an android device… Again, if blizz wanted money, they wouldn’t have released any of these free apps.