Blizzard buffs Diablo 3 player experience until Reaper of Souls release

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Blizzard posted and then removed an update about a Diablo 3 50% buff to player experience up until 24 March which is the day before the Reaper of Souls launch date.

The news came in a Blizzard blog update which was subsequently removed from their news page for some odd reason. It will probably reappear later or tomorrow but this buff is happening right now.

Blizzard say they want to give players’s “leg up” on the new Paragon levelling system which came in to play with last week’s 2.0.1 patch release. Now all characters share a Paragon levels so make use of this buff window and get killing stuff.

Here’s a quick tip from Flux over at Diablo: IncGamers.

I’ve done a few runs for testing purposes, and it gets mind-numbing quickly. My new HC DH is all self found in v2 and can’t safely do more than T1 for real, but I can do Mira on T5 without much trouble. That takes about 3 minutes per game and I get about 14m exp for the whole cellar; the displayed exp for just the quest on T5 is around 7.1m, but I’ve got a ruby in my hat and HR and Leoric’s ring on my merc, so it multiplies up considerably.

A handy tip there and you can read other player’s comments on this buff over on Diablo: IncGamers. May as well get those Diablo 3 characters levelled before the ROS release.

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  • SLowrAM

    Go Flux, myself I can’t get excited about doing the same thing over and over back to back and find it interesting how many enjoy doing so (repeat ever 3 minutes huh, well have fun). With old system it was difficult for me to want to repeat it after defeating all 4 acts in order.
    I can however get down with trying out v2 self found with a new character especially with 50% exp boost. Just have to decide which slot to free up, darn character limit Blizzard – you should give us ROS slots early or at least 1 free one to try out v2 stuff with fresh. How about try out Hearthstone beta and get a free slot?

  • SLowrAM

    South Park is ready now! 12 hours earlier than Steam said (US release), sorry D3 you have to wait.