Blizzard DDoS attacks resume as Diablo 3 2.1 is about to hit

Diablo 3

The Diablo 3 2.1 patch is about to hit but it’s not good news as server issues have started again.

In the latest Tweet from Blizzard they acknowledge that they are now experiencing the same issues as they did over the weekend.

The Lizard Squad are keeping a close eye on Blizzard at the moment with their most recent post pointing to a description of a DDoS attack by a community member on the Blizzard forums.

With the Diablo 3 2.1 patch set to go live this evening it doesn’t bode well for players eager to start playing the new content when the patch goes live to the public in a few hours time.

Keep an eye on Diablo: IncGamers for updates as the evening progresses as they are busy keeping everyone up to date with all the Diablo 3 news.

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  • Ghost just ate the lizard squad up. Evidently they’re using a bot to launch attacks.

    He tore em up and his buddies just linked they’re actual Ip Addresses out on the net for all to see. No longer Anonymous now.

  • Jazzy

    Someone should take a ride over and tell their Momma to cut off their internet service and send these kiddies to bed without supper.

  • So, what exactly is DDOS? I don’t get all these code name bull. Lizards, kids, what the hell? This sounds like some kinda garden shit. Why can I not log in to this damn game?

    • Misha, DDOS is distributed denial of service. It means someone is basically flooding a server with requests, thus preventing you from logging in. A server is a machine basically to where you can send and retrieve information from, or in this case, connecting to a game server to play diablo 3.

    • To add to Terrys input. People sitting out around the world that have some type of virus on their computers are a lot of the time “zombie computers”. The virus controller person can at any time say all these infected computers do this. Like say attack a website. Effectively having potential hundreds of thousands of computers do the same thing to a server at once effectively overwhelming it.

  • Gee, I was just about to start playing the new patched version of Diablo 2 when I got booted from the server thanks to DDOS attacks. I guess people love spoiling our fun for this game. I miss Diablo 2 when you could play the game stand alone, without having to be connected to the server to play. Sucks. They must be using a bot to launch these stupid attacks cuz this has been going on for days. They could be hiding their real IP addresses as well or using some type of spoofing or something. Guess I’ll have to wait til tomorrow to play now. I was going to be up all night playing too.

  • This isn’t blizzard specific or anything but lots of the time you can watch attacks in real time on here. Thought I’d share. Gotta use google chrome to load it. http://map.ipviking.com/

  • Danielle Berges

    Kinda glad this is happening. Anytime we reported it to blizzard over the last few years they brushed it off, some people there didn’t even know WTF a DDOs attack was! Now they are being attacked themselves, glad they can feel the pain some!

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