Blizzard would turn off Diablo 3 auction house if they could

At GDC, the previous Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson was giving a Diablo 3 postmortem and made some rather interesting comments regarding the auction house system which has proved a contentious game feature since it was announced back in August 2011.

Speaking to the audience at GDC, Jay said that Blizzard has “no idea” how many players like or dislike the system which goes to show they had no idea what kind of impact the auction house would have on the game when the system was designed and then announced prior to release.

Jay went as far as to say that the auction house has “hurt the game” which make a lot of sense when you consider all the problems they have had with the game’s itemisation since it was released last May.

It appears the initial motivation for the auction house was to help stamp out fraud with real money trading, something that was a problem in Diablo 2. They thought it was a service players would want, and only a small percentage of the players would actually use the system. As players know, the auction house became a necessity to get heir hands on decent items unless they farmed for hour and hours on end.

Jay also mentioned that if they could they would turn off the auction house, but it’s not as simple as flicking off the switch on the auction because they have no idea how many people who play like the feature.

There’s not doubt that without the auction house Diablo 3 on the PC would be a very different game, a game that console players will actually be getting as there is no auction house planned for the port.

When you read comments like this from Jay you realise how out of touch Blizzard were with the Diablo community, especially the fans of the previous game who I’m sure would love to see the auction house go.

Thanks Joytiq via Diablo: IncGamers.

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  • mmmm

    Maybe if the developers would let players post petition threads and talk about this stuff. The bnet forums are the most communist forums i have seen! They have shown no interest in anything fans said in the past!

  • James

    I would like to see the real money action house go from the PC version. They can remove it and it would improve the game; more players playing, less aggressive bidding means happier people. If they’re not seeing it as a necessity for the console version why do players need it on the PC? I don’t think Blizzard should have the opinion “it’s not as simple as flicking off the switch on the auction because they have no idea how many people who play like the feature.” They can do it if they want and I think it would be for the greater enjoyment of players.

  • Ryan

    The Diablo series has always been a single-player game that COULD be played with friends/Co-OP. Blizzard arbitrarily decided that the third installment of the beloved franchise could ONLY be played online. Not surprisingly when the statistics came out everyone “discovered” that most players played the game by themselves and not with others.

    There are always going to be software pirates and they will always find a way to pirate games they want. Stop punishing people who pay for the games by adding in ridiculous security measures that are just doomed to fail. Spend your time & energy making great games and the $$$$ will flow.

  • Dlanod

    Ryan you are so RIGHT. Loved Diablo/II and had cash in hand ready to buy III until I found out that it was online only…WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!! NO WAY WILL BLIZZARD WILL GET MY MONEY OR THAT OF THE PEOPLE I PLAY DIABLO II WITH!!
    Just one scenario… while on the rigs there is no internet. So no D3! There are lots of places without the Web. The Devs are Pompous A-holes who had no idea what the community wanted and therefore screwed a great franchise. DUMB,DUMB,DUMB