Borderlands 2 or Torchlight 2? Or both…

This week is a bit of a stormer for good games. That means a potential strain on the wallet, or a very tough choice.

Our review of  ARPG Torchlight 2 has just gone live today, with Tim writing that “If you hated Diablo 3, this might just be what you were waiting for – but this is a good enough ARPG that there’s something here for you even if you were a huge fan. Considering the £15 entry fee, there’s really very little reason not to give Torchlight 2 a punt.”

Tim goes on to award the game 9/10, which from us means 11/10 if you’re comparing to some other publications.

On the other hand you’ve got Borderlands 2, a game equally obsessed with loot and dungeon raids, albeit from a first-person perspective and a generous dollop of bad language.

My review of Borderlands 2 singles it out as the game of the year so far (bare in mind this was reviewed before Torchlight 2), saying that it has “one of the richest loot fabrics there has ever been. Certainly when it comes to games that have appeared on a console, Borderlands 2 has the most diverse and best loot system of all time.”

Borderlands 2 went on to receive a 10/10, only our second ‘perfect’ score this year (following Dark Souls: Prepare to Die).

So, the questi0n: are you going to plump for one of the other, or are you going to get both? Which will you get first?

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    I got both :D. As it’s my brother’s bday next week and because I want to play Borderlands 2 plus he likes it enough, it’s a win-win :D. I can play Torchlight 2 in the mean time if he decides to torture me by waiting to open it on his birthday.

  • I got both, but Torchlight 2 might have to wait a little bit behind Borderlands 2.

  • Get whatever you have the most friends playing. Both have really great Co-Op modes so they are best played with a friend. That being said if your friends have both, then get both, and hop online with them and play together!

  • Celleraon

    Both. Why not? Gamers love to pitch games and communities against each other. D3 or TL2 and at this time we can throw BL2 in the mix too but there is nothing written that says you can’t enjoy all three. You simply have to divide your time between them or play one after the other. Once you start claiming to be “Team BL2” or whatever you shut yourself off to so much.