BugBear wants you to pre-order Next Car Game before showing more

BugBear wants you to pre-order Next Car Game before showing more

Earlier this year, BugBear announced they were working on a new car game called “Next Car Game” which we assume is a working title for the time being. As it’s been a few months since there was an update from BugBear, another email dropped in this evening announcing pre-orders.

BugBear were responsible for FlatOut, FlatOut 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage and this new game is described as the  “ultimate demolition derby game”.

Bugbear’s Creative Director and CEO, Janne Alanenpää commented: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the excited fan reaction to the teaser trailer we released in February. It showed us that there’s a dedicated fan base out there that are long overdue for a game that they want. That lead us to think that we should make the game together with the fans, to make sure they will have the game they want.”

With a reasonable amount of interest in the title they’ve decided to launch pre-orders ($25 for this weekend only) on their website, and should they receive 10’000 pre-orders, they’ll release a sneak peek of the game. Pre-order customers will also get access to a  pre-Alpha build.

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  • Lequu

    There is a video showing in-game footage in their site nextcargame.com. The sneak peak at 10 000 pre-orders is PLAYABLE DEMO not just a video and you IncGamers won’t even tell it. Very disapointing topic in this post which isn’t true at all.

    They are indie publishing after all and they have to get money to make as good game as possible.