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Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Codnapped trailer is infantile rubbish

Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught

“Rarr I can’t do whatever I want 24/7 I must smash things.”

The only good thing about the new Call of Duty: Ghosts ‘Codnapped’ trailer is that it inadvertently led me to this story about a ‘Sacred Cod’ carving that hangs in Boston’s House of Representatives being stolen in 1933. Everything is about it is garbage.

Here’s the premise: you want to play Call of Duty: Ghosts all day long like a god damned baby, so a highly trained squad of military operatives will kidnap you and allow you to do this. Hey! Allusions to the practice of Extraordinary Rendition are hilarious.

All of the people kidnapped are men (but of course,) and the kinds of things they dislike doing are talking to girlfriends, attending family gatherings and their jobs. Because they are literal manchildren who can’t cope with the idea of enjoying spending time with people they like. It’s a trash trailer for idiots and I hate everything about it.

Oh right, there are a few seconds of footage from the upcoming Onslaught DLC maps at the end, so I guess I’ll link to those bits. That DLC doesn’t even have a PC release date yet, because Xbox One has all that stuff as an exclusive for a bit. That concept is terrible, and so is Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC. Don’t buy it and don’t buy the DLC.

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  • brad

    Speaking of infantile… Did Mark Rubin shit in your cornflakes this morning? And who gave you a blog?

  • Elly

    It’s a little patronizing but perhaps there are a lot of guys out there too spineless to include game playing in their free time.

    This ad doesn’t really speak to me, doesn’t ring true but then again I’m female and I don’t need codnapping who hoodwinking into thinking I do in order to play games.

    The actor is very good as Capone in Boardwalk Empire though.

  • Lazerbeak

    Ha the macho bullshit of COD can make anyone sane snap eventually, my god just watched the trailer, what a awful message, nothing matters but cod play cod, ignore everything else COD COD COD COD, I am male and it doesn’t speak to me either

  • james

    For such a high-traffic site this is an extremely unprofessional post. Its basically a rant because you clearly don’t like Call of Duty. How about don’t write posts regarding games you’re just going to bitch about? This is my first time on this site and this article will also be the last I read here. Congrats on failing.

    And I’m someone who believes Ghosts is one of the worst CoD titles there is. I just don’t believe in such negativity and childishness in journalism.

    • Rushster

      Perhaps you should read the post again. It’s a criticism of the ad not the game. But the game is crap on the PC and that’s a fact.

  • Hervluca

    For guys who have been gaming for 30 plus years it is hilarious. We have decades of responsible jobs, family events, kid events and significant other events. The notion of being renditioned as a means of escape without ramifications from all of these inane activities after decades of attendance is hilarious. I can, however, see how those with more time and less responsibility might not connect. Give it a few more years and you may see the humor.


    • Rushster

      I connect as I am in that age group but I don’t need to be dragged away to play games. I’m also pretty sure there are some female gamers out there who have responsibilities but I guess they found it hard to come up with an idea to include that demographic. Especially one that didn’t appear sinister.

      A real true representation would to have had guys being hauled off bar stools or from football matches or other sport events to play CoD.

  • LuLu

    I’m female and I thought it was funny as hell! All you that are bitching about it need to get the stick our of your asses, sheesh.