Call of Duty: Ghosts PC FOV fix taken down following Activision threats

call of duty ghosts squads

FOV stands for Fido of Violence.

An unofficial Field of View (FOV) fix for Call of Duty: Ghosts provided by the Fovely community has been taken down following the threat of legal action from Activision. The FOV is locked at 65 on PC, which is obviously a bit rubbish, and has created demand for the ability to change it.

The fix only allowed an alteration of the FOV in multiplayer mode, but that was still better than nothing. Where the download link had been, there is now the message “link removed due to a friendly threat from everyone’s favorite publishing firm.” The top of the page has a couple of paragraphs detailing the ongoing legal issues with Activision over hosting unofficial “fix” files like this.

However, if you still want to download the unofficial FOV fix you don’t have to look very far in the same Fovely thread to find it. It is of course a file that you use at your own risk; though it’s worth noting that Infinity Ward have previously stated that they don’t care about people using FOV mods. That should still be the case for Call of Duty: Ghosts but without confirmation it’s hard to be one hundred percent sure. Running unofficial files of this type through some sort of virus checker would probably still be good idea though.

There are also said to be work-arounds ‘out there’ for the hard-lock on the 6GB RAM check.

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    Oh Activision, they have a solid game, if Activision doesn’t fix COD Ghosts, then the community will obviously do it. Activision’s current actions seem more like an insult to the playerbase. The community shouldn’t have to fix COD Ghosts through multiplayer mods considering they paid full price for what should be a reasonably playable game.

    What’s the Ram of Xbox 1/PS4? Can it be that they want that much dedicated RAM to play the game like a console?

    • ShmoeSOLID

      8GB GDDR5 on PS4 and 8GB DDR3 on Xbox One (http://www.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/PS4_vs._Xbox_One_vs._Wii_U_Comparison_Chart)… so your theory makes sense.

      • Zcomuto

        RAM isn’t as clear-cut as more=better, especially considering things like the Xbox One only having access to 5GB RAM for Games and no dedicated VRAM.

        • DavidTheSlayer

          @ShmoeSOLID & Zcomuto: Thanks for the info. Yeah PC’s have more factors than just pure RAM amounts, something COD should be looking at I guess.

  • Zcomuto

    I’m guessing the fact Activision is throwing legal abuse around at people for a free and otherwise harmless mod is because there’s going to be paid DLC down the line to let the FOV change.

  • andrew

    too bad I still have the patch fuck you faggots!



    Call of Dutty Ram Fix Free No-Pass No-Survey

    Direct Download

  • Ellis

    And welcome to the list of banned accounts.

  • NaD

    Will not get banned,

    Candice [email protected] 11 Nov
    @Sir_McLightning @VenuM83 @CoDsPulp certainly! I’ve found out we aren’t banning for anyone using the FOV changer. dk about FPS unlock yet

  • Dirt Nasty

    So umm Candy, why is the FOV changer now popping up with a error message that it’s illegal and considered a banable software and to use at your own risk? This as of 10:15 am Saturday February 8 2014. If they cant set FOV at 90, then this game is toast IMO. I have no planes to purchase a DLC, which was the plan this weekend. Also have 13 other clan mates who intend to boycott this game and perhaps the franchise for good. I have been a loyal Activision, PC gamer since day 1 in what 2001. That’s about to end. They should take pride in the lack of respect or concern for the gaming community that helped put this franchise at the top in the first place.

  • Lazerbeak

    eh isnt 65 FOV like looking though a postbox?