Chris Roberts

June 18, 2014

Star Citizen hires someone for best job title in the world

Star Citizen now has a “Director of Persistent Universe”, which is possibly the finest job title anyone in the world can have. Said Director of Persistent Universe is Tony Zurovec, another Origin Systems alumni who…

March 12, 2014

kythera ai system in star citizen

Star Citizen touts fancy pants Kythera AI system

Rumours that Star Citizen is just an elaborate pyramid scheme to extract money from spaceship fetishists have been greatly exaggerated, because if that were the case why would it need an AI system, eh? Today,…

November 12, 2012

Chris Roberts details Star Citizen multiplayer

Chris Roberts is back with another Star Citizen update today and it’s a big one. In this update he details how the game’s multiplayer will function and explains it by going through a typical in-game…

October 25, 2012

Star Citizen reaches funding goal of $2 million USD

Yesterday, Chris Roberts’ proposed space sim for the PC raised $500,000 USD through its recently-launched Kickstarter campaign. As I wrote at the time, this Kickstarter is a little unusual as it was supplemental to a…

October 17, 2012

A space-age PC will help you play Star Citizen

Chris Robert’s announcement of the PC space sim Star Citizen generated a fair amount of publicity last week, but (as tends to be the case with games in development), there are still plenty of unanswered…

September 10, 2012

Wing Commander creator to announce new game on 10 October

Chris Roberts, creator of the space-tastic Wing Commander series (ask someone over the age of 25 about it), will return with the announcement of a new game at the Texas Game Developers Conference (GDC) on…