City of Heroes CM team say farewell in final video

As many of you may know, NCSoft will be shutting down City of Heroes on 30 November when the clock strikes midnight (8:AM GMT 1 December). All social media sites for the game are also set to be pulled offline at midnight.

The team that remain who will  help bring the game to a close have posted their final TwitchTV broadcast for the community hosted by acting CM Jesse Lawrence. The guys talk about what they’ll be up to on the final day and talk about their experiences with the game over the years.

Right now the CoH community is  petitioning Disney to save the game but it is still early days and it seems like a long shot.  In his final comment, CM Jesse Lawrence added “Even though the game ran for 8 years its time was cut short”.

Watch live video from paragonstudios on TwitchTV

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  • Kevin

    thanks god i never played that game even though i wanted to im glad i didnt cause it would have been money and hard work wasted i saw them promoing the free to play option and so forth and was actually considering buying the starter pack if i liked the game but i have played another game by the same company the mmo is called aion i hope that dont shut down as well i guess this is just what happens when a company creates too many MMOs and then the cost to maintain them becomes too high i know NCSoft makes allot of games including Guildwars i played the first guild wars game also but unfortunatly got locked out of my account and therefore cant play it anymore cause i dont remember my characters name and no one on support wanted to help me to get it back in my honest oppinion they dont make bad games but there security measures and ethics are questionable i reccommend caution with this company from this point forward and if you purchase any of there products be sure not to spend an extravagent amount of money on them and if you disagree with me just reference this article or commit it to memory