It’s Clemin’ time: Telltale reveals Walking Dead Season Two details

It’s Clemin’ time: Telltale reveals Walking Dead Season Two details
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Let’s hope she remembers what Lee taught her.

As some had speculated, Season Two of Telltale’s The Walking Dead will cast you as Clementine as she attempts to survive in the wilderness. Just as with the first season, this second one will be released as five episodes, the first of which is due before the end of this year. The season will conclude in 2014.

As Clem, you’ll be “struggling to outwit both the dead and the living in situations that will test your morals and shape the flow of the story through your decisions and actions.” Telltale claim the game will “challenge your expectations” on how to survive and stay safe as an orphaned girl in a land where nothing and nobody can be taken at face value.

Not much additional information alongside that main reveal, but the developer is eager to stress that you can pre-order the full season through either Telltale’s store or Steam for a (limited) discount of 10%. In US money, that makes it just shy of $22.50 USD.

Telltale has also announced a Game of the Year edition of the first Walking Dead, to be released in November for $30.00 USD. It’ll include the 400 Days DLC, as well as the original game score and some behind the scenes video. Meanwhile, here’s a reveal trailer and some screens from Season Two.

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  • Durandal

    As expected but I am not sure about playing as Clementine. It’s an intriguing idea to be sure but somehow it feels odd. Maybe its because the protagonist is usually some über-dude or chic that kills legions of bad guys and not a little girl even if she knows how to shoot a gun.

    Another probability is of course that we can now play more then one character, like it was done in 400 Days.

    I guess I will find out sooner or later.

  • DavyD

    Lee wasn’t an “über-dude” he was just as scared, insecure and messed up as all the rest. Clementine probably showed the most guts and courage out of all the characters.

    • Durandal

      I know, i was just talking about the general types of “heroes” we usually see in other games.