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Dark Souls 2 devs detail their Dark Intentions in this video

Dark Souls 2 shields - 03

As you are doubtless aware, Dark Souls 2 is out soon! Well, probably. It’s out soon on consoles, but we still don’t have a PC release date.

Anyway: in honour of the impending release of Dark Souls 2 (except on PC, because we still don’t have a PC release date) From Software and Namco Bandai have released a behind-the-scenes video with various people involved in the game talking about the game’s themes, and the like. For instance, you can hear From Software director Yui Tanimura commenting that the protagonist is cursed, and “In order to cure that curse, he arrives at a place – a horrible place, where you will die a lot, and it’s a terrible experience.” Sounds like Dark Souls, although he does comment that this isn’t just done because From Software get off on your tears – it’s because overcoming dreadful things is a big part of Dark Souls.

The video also proves that Peter Serafinowicz has taste in games, because he talks about how Dark Souls is the best game he’s ever played, and he’s apparently been playing games for over 30 years. So there y’go.

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  • Bill Mac 97

    How great can this game be? The developers have done nothing to date to reward those who have endured the agony of earning a Platinum in Dark Souls (or Demon Souls). Nor have they responded to my inquiries. All great studios have found some way of rewarding their faithful, except From Software.

    • Bill, what do you want? do you want a Banana sticker?
      I hope your experience with Dark Souls hasn’t been so shallow as to miss the point of the game.

      • Bill Mac 97

        What’s wrong with providing an exclusive armor set or special weapon?
        How have they not thought of this? Apparently the only games their designers play come from their studio…

        • Jorgamoundr

          If you were at all active in the Dark Souls community you would know that providing an exclusive armor set or special weapon is something that the vast majority of the community is MASSIVELY against. Enough people are annoyed as it is at having early weapons for those that pre-order, let alone exclusive weapons.

          Offering special weapons and armour would go completely against the whole point of the game. “Oh, Dark Souls II is so hard – unless you pre-order, then you can breeze through it with this awesome sword.” Yeah, no thanks. Not to mention the fact that people would be able to invade right from the start with a huge advantage over the people they’re invading, re-introducing twinking at the very start of the game after putting so much effort into the sequel to reduce and stop twinking. Get good noob.

    • Mattt

      How about we get paid in Trident Layers 😀

    • the reward of the game is beating it. you might say that sounds weird and yes it kinda does but a lot of people have picked this game up rage quit because of its difficulty. You lose Dark Souls (or Demon Souls) when you rage quit, the game rewards you when you reach a bonfire and learn from your mistakes. Completing the challenges in the game is the reward, the devs don’t need to give the players a reward for getting “Platinum” when the reward is the experience

      • Bill Mac 97

        Your argument is sound. Give us trident layers then…

    • Defacto Atheist

      LOL. Wow entitled much?

  • TreeTickler

    How about the reward of feeling accomplished that you completed something very difficult not a lot of people have? Why do you need a thing? Take pride in your successes.