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Dark Souls 2 Hollow Lullaby trailer is a bit corny

dark souls 2 hollow lullaby

Well yes, that looks pretty Dark Souls.

Namco really are going for some scattershot marketing with Dark Souls 2. Where the first game had a great reveal and stuff like the excellent “Bartholomew” video, the adverts for the sequel feel all over the place. Some good (like the Curse trailer) some … not so good. Like this Hollow Lullaby one.

I mean it’s not awful. It’s just very literal, going on and on about your struggle and dedication and man, I can almost hear the cornball orchestra starting up in the background. Show don’t tell, chaps. Show don’t tell.

It also seems to contain more Dark Souls footage than it does Dark Souls 2. Though there is a bit of a dragon fight at the end.

Anyway, hopefully Namco’s confusion over how to market a decidedly non-mainstream series that somehow has gone kind of mainstream won’t have too much impact on how Dark Souls 2 actually plays. And no, there’s still no PC release date. It’s getting a bit concerning now, isn’t it?

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  • Alysheba

    Can’t say I am the least bit concerned about the PC release date. It’ll happen when it happens. Annoyed that I can’t pre-order it, yes.

  • hallowedfool

    Peter Parish 😮 On dark souls you could be an undead parish in the undead parish 😀

    • Peter Parrish

      That’s me! Well, with an extra R, but close enough.

  • Elorias Five

    Pre-Order LOL…

    Works on all you peasants!
    We’re not talking about special order for a car.

    We’re talking about a $60 product that will be on the shelves of all major retailers. There’s not going to be a shortage at all.
    You don’t get to play the game earlier, you don’t get an extra expansion or a naked photo of your grandmother.
    You get extra trinkets that make the initial game slightly easier.

    Yet, you freely part with the money, even though you don’t have product in hand.

    This is the major problem today, that I see with the younger generation. They have zero ability to wait, and zero ability to understand basic money management skills and the value of a dollar.

    You DO NOT give away money without receiving product. That’s basic knowledge people. Start using common sense.

  • Uf00lNo1

    Hey Gramps, where do I sign up to become a preachy elitist, a-hole like yourself. How does pre-ordering signify impatience and poor money management skills if you still spend the same amount of money and wait the same amount of time in the end. And I don’t want to hear a load of crap about how that $60 could be invested for a few weeks and earning money.

    I am absolutely going to pre-order Dark Souls 2 from Amazon. I get free-shipping, so it will be delivered to my door on release day, saving me a trip to the store and a few dollars in gas. Maybe that is irresponsible to someone with your maturity and sophistication, but this peasant could care less.