DayZ Standalone first week update and future plans


It’s been a week since DayZ Standalone launched and the devs have dished out some numbers on how things have gone.

According to the update three patches have been deployed, 400,000 players have entered Chernarus and the alpha servers have been pushed hard with 40,000 concurrent users. DayZ was also top of the Steam sale charts on Sunday so things are going very well so far.

In related news, Dean Hall also posted a list of planned updates. Regarding zombie numbers he says that they “absolutely plan to have more zombies” but they need to optimise the game’s dynamic objects first. A multithread server is also planned for early 2014 to help with an increase in player numbers and zombies. Respawning zombies and loot takes a similar form to player spawning and it’s apparently “very close to being implemented”.

Cooking and gathering resources are half done and these will be pushed to severs “when they are done” which could be early 2014. Expect to see useful gas cookers and the creation of fireplaces.With cooking also comes resource gathering of wood and stones which will become part of the crafting system.

Related to eating stuff to survive  are the animals and hunting which is also apparently quite close to completion but it does impact the server so we have to assume that a lot of the new features are going to be added once the servers are optimised.

The team are also working more on anti-hack but they hope to identify and address more problems as the alpha test continues.

So far I’ve been enjoying the game despite the fact it’s a little rough around the edges. This evening I saw a zombie suddenly spawn into two zombies which was not fun as the bastards made a nasty hit and I ended up bleeding out. My advice is that if they start chasing you, just run. Run like the wind!

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  • Sam

    “My advice is that if they start chasing you, just run. Run like the wind!” Yeah… or just run circles around them and beat them to death.

    • fsj

      Don’t even need circles. If it’s one or two just strafe. I’m far more worried when I hear gunshots and see player corpses on the floor :P.

      • lelelelelelel

        I don’t even see player corpses because players usually disconnect or re-spawn quickly in frustration.

  • Magic28

    I’m only worried about running into devildog gamer and him killing me.

  • Eronen

    I want vehicles on DayZ Standalone it would be more funner and stuff, and more loot of course.

  • JoeColombo

    You need to at least have vehicles it takes way to long running on foot on that huge map. And your hunger and thirst meter goes down way too fast you die before you even find food or water and when you do it doesnt even help barely so your pretty much just running around looking for food and water the whole time. Please fix this.

    • Nardkick

      Chill Pickle

  • Corey Lorite

    When you start up on the beach find a water source first, drink till it says your stomach is full, then you won’t be bothered about good or water for like an hour of game play… Then find a street sign to find where you are then head to the nearest airstrip to get a gun and bag…

    And any one that just shoots at first sight… You can Lick my nut sack, play like you would if it was real it sucks having to do everything all over again cos you get trigger happy

    • JoeColombo

      thanks for the tips mate.

  • Aspect

    If you think you must always eat and drink to survive you are still new to the game. Once you play a while you start accumulation more food than you need as your belly is full along with 15 cans of beans in your inventory. This is a survival game, the difficulty is perfect and if you don’t like that then go play call of duty.

    • JoeColombo

      yeah i got it down G, im back on the EPOCH servers till this shit catches up.

  • JoeColombo

    It’s funny when these nerds get pissed off they all say “Then go play call of duty” gawd.