Deadly port: Deadly Premonition on PC is stuck at 720p, has no graphics options

deadly premonition - 2

My god … 720p. What kind of a monster would do this?

Oh dear. We are of course delighted to get Deadly Premonition on the PC in ‘Director’s Cut’ form, but the word emerging from people who’ve bought the game is that the PC port is … rather lacking. Here’s the good news: the frame-rate is fine. Yay!

Okay, now for some disappointing news. The game is locked at 1280×720 and there are no graphical options to speak of. Not even the chance to delve around inside some .ini files to change it by hand. It’s Dark Souls all over again.

With Dark Souls, a wonderful fellow (and NeoGaf regular) by the name of Peter “Durante” Thoman created ‘DSfix’. This community patch solved pretty much all of the problems with the port and made Dark Souls suitably terrific. Could this happen again with Deadly Premonition? Well, actually, yes. The very same Durante has cautiously indicated that he “should be able to fix this.”

He later adds that there are no guarantees for this sort of thing, so don’t all rush out and buy the game expecting it to end up fine. Fingers crossed though, eh?

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  • Tim McDonald

    God dammit.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Yeah makes you wonder how the 720p thing is so in-grained into games so that porting it over to PC means we don’t get 1080p. Texture/ game design issues or budget?

    • Tim McDonald

      Probably both, plus relative inexperience developing for PC. With Dark Souls, From Software came right out and said that they didn’t really know what they were doing with the PC. I have a sneaking suspicion it might well be the same here. I’m not sure who handled the port, but I don’t think Access Games – the original devs – have ever done anything on PC before.

      But yeah, I’d assume that the game was pretty much hard-built for 720p on consoles, then ported over to PC in a relatively bare-bones way by people who weren’t hugely experienced with PC development, and who didn’t have a great deal of money or time.

      Totally an assumption, mind you. I might be entirely wrong.

  • Stu Stevenson

    The issue I’ve been having (aside from the locked resolution) is that, during the cutscenes, it seems like it… stutters. Like, split-second cuts in the audio at the very least, though it seems the graphics themselves aren’t the issue on that. And I KNOW it’s not my PC, seeing as I can run Skyrim on High+ settings.

  • Sam Player

    am a pro PC gamer and this game graphically speaking sucks, i hate those damn fouls who handled this fucking port to PC the game is not that bad and i was looking to try it on my rig, as soon as i did enter it the graphics reminded me of old consuls games it was like trying to play PS2 game with a PS2 simulator the graphic took back ten years to the past man, am still ganna play this game cause its kind cool it has some similarities with Alan Wake with an open world but with shity graphics, it could of been great on PC if it was made for it am so pissed off right now.