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Decisions, decisions: Total War: Rome 2 trailer shows strategic possibilities

Total War Rome II (10)

It’s apparently Total War: Rome II day here on IncGamers. Not only do we have Peter’s shiny hands-on preview, but we’ve now got a brand-new trailer for you!

This trailer uses Hannibal as a way to illustrate the sort of strategic possibilities you have in the game, indicating all the different strategies he could have employed to attack Rome and their likely effects. Where will he attack? Who will be he his allies? What’s Hannibal going to do?

Check out below, and have a look at our hands-on with the game here. Keep your eyes open, too – we’ve got more Total War: Rome II content coming soon. The game itself is due out on 3 September.

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    Indeed he did strike from the north over the mountains, apparently using spiked shoes similar to todays mountain gear and for the elephants going down the mountains they dug into it slopes going sideways, zig zagging down to ease their desent. The how is somewhat a mystery but that’s what I picked up from a tv documentary on him anyway.