Deck-building ARPG roguelike Hand of Fate hits Steam Early Access

Firefall is finally coming out, on 29 July

Hand of Fate

Genre-breaking action-RPG deck-building roguelike Hand of Fate has hit Steam Early Access, for those who want to dive in now.

Hand of Fate has you adventure through dungeons generated by drawing virtual cards. Some cards might offer you a choice of sorts; others might give you rewards (drawn from yet more cards); others still might plunge you into battle. And those battles are fought through a third-person ARPG-like system, with counter-attacks and traps and all sorts of other bits and bobs. And, as far as I can tell, everything from the dungeons to your character are adjusted through deck-building.

Which… sounds fascinating, honestly. The current build looks reasonably far along, in terms of having pretty much all content barring the final boss, but it does still need a lot of tweaking, balancing, and polishing. Nonetheless, it intrigues me enough that I might have to give it a look sometime rather soon.

If you fancy buying into Hand of Fate early, it’ll cost you £14.99 over on Steam.

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