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Devs discuss why Nvidia’s G-SYNC is so amazing

gsync monitor

If it actually DOES have that glow around it, though, I’m going to get very freaked out.

Nvidia have wheeled out industry legend John Carmack, Epic’s Tim Sweeney, and Frostbite’s Johan Andersson to discuss the relative merits of their new G-SYNC technology.

If you’re a PC gamer with any real knowledge of tech, you probably won’t need to hear these three talking about how useful G-SYNC is. In case you haven’t heard of it, though: it’s a monitor module that synchronises the monitor with the GPU. This means two things: you won’t have to use V-Sync, so your framerate won’t be regularly dropping below the standard, and it’ll eliminate screen-tearing because frames won’t be drawn faster than they can be displayed.

In short: less framerate drops, less artifacting, and this supposedly won’t increase the cost of the monitor. If it does what’s promised, I will be picking one of these monitors up as soon as I can.

You can read up more about G-SYNC here, and have a look at techie talking heads below.

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  • sorudo

    i do expect a hefty price at first, i just got a new one but ill wait and see.

  • James

    I just don’t see what the big deal is. I dont want more than 60fps, i would rather have my gpu working at 50% load to draw 60fps than working at 100% to draw 120 when 60 is easily smooth enough for me. As for v-sync causing framerate drops, ever heard of vsync+triple buffering? (you can force it with d3doverrider) it costs a small amount of v-ram and allows your monitor to display less than 60fps without cutting in half to 30, as well as emilinating screen tearing.