Diablo 3 2.0.6 patch removed legendary crafting materials

Diablo 3 2.0.6

This morning’s Diablo 3 maintenance came with a surprise that none of us were expecting.

The Diablo 3 2.0.6 patch was deployed on the servers, and along with various tweaks to skills and items comes a bit of a shocker, the removal of the legendary crafting materials. So why the change? A change that not every Diablo 3 player will be pleased about. Blizzard added the following in their update notes:

Legendary crafting recipes have received several changes:

  • Philosophy

Legendary crafted items are meant to be both a stepping stone into end game items and a good place to spend crafting materials at the end game. While we like the fantasy of having the unique crafting materials, obtaining them was either keeping too many people from being able to complete the recipes in a timely manner or encouraging game flipping and similar less than ideal patterns of play in order to acquire them. As such, we are removing the requirement for unique items when crafting Legendaries.

  • Unique crafting materials are no longer required
  • Legendary crafting materials will no longer drop
  • Existing Legendary crafting materials will now be grey and have had their sell prices increased.
  • Level 70 crafted sets and Legendary items with unique properties now require additional Death’s Breath
  • Level 70 crafted Legendary items without unique properties have had their Death’s Breath costs removed
  • Death’s Breath is no longer required for most Artisan training costs
  • The Mystic no longer requires any Death’s Breath to train
  • The Blacksmith and the Jeweler now only require 1 each to learn the first rank of level 11

As you can see from our extensive list on these materials, there’s quite a change. It does feel like Blizzard are over simplifying the crafting process and this change won’t please players who enjoyed hunting the materials down. Is Diablo not supposed to be about item hunting? Crafting materials are really just another set of items and part of the item hunting and creation process so it seems strange to remove them. Perhaps Blizzard are not telling us the whole story and there is a plan in place for when the ladders arrive.

You can read the full update notes here with more commentary from the Diablo 3 experts.

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  • SLowrAM

    Sounds good to me, I found a few legendary recipes and then realized I would have to sacrifice (breakdown) my existing legendary items in order to craft them, so I just ignored them as if I didn’t have the recipes. Now I can enjoy the found recipes and not sweat losing existing legendaries. It’s more critical on Hardcore as on Hardcore it’s nice to keep low level legendaries for when you die and have to restart. So for me I’ve lost the joy of finding some crafting materials, but more importantly I’ve gained that the legendary recipes I find are now useful. I’ll be getting back into the game now to craft some new legendary recipes.