Diablo Podcast #63 – Naked Runs, Hardcore, and Beta Difficulty Swings

Flux is joined by The Eliminator and our Hardcore columnist Xanth to talk about all sorts of recent Diablo 3 beta news. The Eliminator has been playing “naked,” trying to play through the entire beta with no armor and only the starting weapon, and he answers numerous questions about that experience. Xanth is all about Hardcore, and he brings that One Life to Live attitude to the Beta. 
Other than those specific issues, all three guys have played a great deal with all of the classes, and the conversation ranges over numerous beta issues, including the balance changes in Beta Patch 15, the lack of good single-target attacks for most characters in the early going, a debate about which classes are best and worst vs. the new and improved King Leoric, and everyone’s most/least favorite classes at this point in the beta test.
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