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Diplomatic impunity: Civilization V’s Brave New World includes a global congress

Civilization V: Brave New World

If you spend a lot of time combing over photographs of political incidents and muttering about the Illuminati, then Civilization V’s expansion Brave New World will do little to alleviate your fears. It expands political and diplomatic options to include a ‘one world government’ style World Congress, in charge of slapping sanctions on unruly nations and coming up with resolutions to govern international law.

Naturally, you’ll be wanting to curry favour with participating nations through the use of ambassadors and propaganda. That way, you can get yourself elected as Civilization V’s World Congress leader and enjoy the near-limitless power that provides.

Watch the latest trailer for Brave New World, below. The add-on will be available in early July.

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  • CG


    Late game desperately needed a rework. Never had much control aside from building the space shuttle or conquering the world (my choice, might as well use all those military units you’ve been stockpiling since god knows when.) World Congress adds another element, giving control over diplomacy to the player rather than (sometimes ambiguious) AI. This will open doors for multiplayer too, allowing you to thread the grey line with smaller sanctions than the black and white of war or not to war.

    Now, if they fix the network stack and make it playable on multiplayer with something other than LAN and a Layer 2 VPN.. they’ve got another customer.

    Thanks for the article. Looking forwards to your review.